Real Estate – Trending Factors

Pakistan’s real estate market is always on the radars of investors whether local or overseas Pakistanis. Generally, it is profitable. But have you ever wondered the causes of arises or downfall of the real estate sector? Here are some keys factors that affect the market of Pakistan:

* Interest rate

* Economy

* Affordability of customers

* Investments by oversees Pakistanis

* Taxes and government policies

Cons of real estate investment

Real estate investors such as oversees Pakistanis are becoming various of the option to invest in this sector due to fraudulent and inexperienced real estate agents who tend to guide them wrong or fraud them out of their hard-earned money.

Lack of on-time delivery is another reason that makes people hesitant in re-approaching this sector as people are promised plots of land after a certain period which ends up taking years or more than what was promised due to various different reasons such as incomplete papers or litigation against the site.

Many believe that the growth of other industries is also linked to the growth of the real estate industry and it can help Pakistan drive out of the current economic position if correct policies are adopted to help people of Pakistan stimulate growth in the area.

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