Expectations from the real estate market of Pakistan – 2020

Being the leading industry of Pakistan real estate has plenty of expectations and concerns to cater to. The real estate industry is probably the most profitable business not just in Pakistan but also around the world. Are you wondering about how the real estate market of Pakistan is going to be in 2020 then you must first understand what the was property graph in 2019 like? A lot of occurrences in 2019 have drastically affected the real estate market in 2019 – some good, some bad. However, the last year’s progress was comparatively very slow but 2020 is definitely giving some positive indications.

Let’s have a look at some of the important factors that will make a huge impact on the real estate market in the year 2020.

Dollar’s Value

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If you live in Pakistan or you are a Pakistani citizen you must very clearly have an idea of fluctuation in the dollar value; the downfall and the rise. The dollar rise has impacted literally every business in Pakistan. Leading to an unstable economy where the graphs keep increasing due to the consistent increase in the dollar value. Some businesses had to shut and mostly faced a huge loss due to the same issue. Although the exchange rate is still very high the value is now stable and a downfall in the dollar value is expected soon. Out of a hundred other things that affect the property business dollar value is one of the major, hence we can expect a good boom in the real estate market of Pakistan in 2020.

Pakistan’s Economy

Revamping Pakistan's economy in 2020

Being in lead since 2018, the PTI government has definitely witnessed numerous challenges. The start of PTI’s government was partially unstable and there were a lot of problems that resulted in an unstable economy but now the government is taking all the necessary measures like; increasing taxes to stabilizing the economy which did not quite please the citizens. Now In 2020, the economy is relatively stable and better. Newly established policies and tax increments are worrying people a bit now but there are some very favorable policies too. Later all these policy implementations are going to give well results in 2020.

Middle East Impact

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The Middle East’s real estate business has a qualitative impact on Pakistan’s real estate. Due to unfortunate circumstances in the real estate business of the Middle East, it is predicted that a lot of local and foreign investment might be generated in Pakistan’s real estate market as of 2020. The Middle East If facing a recession in real estate. Whereas the Pakistani government is highly encouraging foreign investment in Pakistan. There are a lot of positive expectations from this point of view in 2020. Even though it’s just the start of this year but a lot of top real estate agents are already investing in the real estate sector.

Taxation Policies

What Is Fiscal Policy?

As witnessed in the past year, there was a humongous increase in taxes especially on the property sector which was pretty discouraging for the buyers, sellers, and investors to invest in property in 2019. However the government understood the situation and since the economy is relatively stable now, the government is providing many rebates and relations in multiple ways to the real estate sector. However, there is going to be an additional tax the properties for sale which in future will give more confidence to the real estate agents, buyers, and investors – all of which goes in favor of real estate business in 2020.

CPEC role

The popular China Pakistan Corridor is predicted to be a game-changer for Pakistan’s Economy. And due to the numerous investment in multiple sectors of Pakistan – there is definitely going to be a boom in majority sectors of Pakistan resulting in a stable and better economy. With CPEC- the expectations are getting higher and higher every day. It is predicted that due to CPEC all the sectors will flourish resulting in having a lot of businesses, foreign investments, employment opportunities, and trade. With Dubai being the business hub for multiple sectors for almost a number of years; the world might now move towards Pakistan as the most favorable country for business since the security conditions are quite better now.  With Pakistan holding the most ideally located seaport of the world that can connect all the major countries from the sea; there are going to be improvements in the energy sector and infrastructure leading to a very positive impact on the real estate sector also. Along with the government announcing the master plan related to Gwadar development. This is a very favorable time for the real estate sector to invest in the GWADAR. It will be the soon the next destination for real estate investor and its overall boost the other sectors include real estate market in Pakistan.

Property Portal in Pakistan

Arzepak Logo by Wahab Ali on Dribbble

With a property portal as unique as Arzepak being launched in Pakistan, the real estate fan base can now even closer to the real estate sector with all the relevant information being closely available and updated. Arzepak will keep its users updated regarding all the ups and downs of the real estate sector in Pakistan. We as Pakistan’s smartest real-estate portal would love to assist you regarding property business in 2020 and onwards.

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