Becoming a Real Estate agent is not as easy as some people think. People enter in real estate from various occupations and fields. Everyone has their own thinking about the right career choice of real estate. But, everyone thinks about this one question: “How do I become a Real Estate agent?”

So here is the answer to their question, “it depends.” It mostly depends upon where they want to practice real estate. It also depends upon their knowledge of the rules and taxes of the real estate industry.

Basically, Real Estate agents are the people that connect the buyers and sellers and earn a commission for doing this. Here are some factors to keep in mind for becoming a real estate agent:

Any education/course for this industry?

As there are no licensing regulations in our country so there are not any preferable institutions in our country. Though, there is only one institute operating in Karachi: “Pakistan Institute of Real Estate Management (PIREM).” This institute offers certificates and diplomas in Real Estate management and construction. A real estate agent should be self-employed and have maximum business knowledge, so any business administration degree might work. Along with business knowledge, the agent should also gain practical experience as it’s a major step to enter into the field.

First Step to enter Real Estate Industry?

The first step to enter the Real Estate industry is to learn properly. It is advised not to start your own business at the start, it is advisable to work with a well know agency as a dealer or partner at start. Though, you can settle your terms and conditions of working with that agency or partner. For example, you can settle a fixed commission with the owner of the agency when you close any deal. By working this, you will gain enough practical business knowledge and goodwill in the market which is very important for you to start your own business.

Establishing your own Agency?

After gaining enough business knowledge and goodwill, you can establish your own real estate agency. You should not hurry up and establish your own agency when you are stable because the first month can be harsh on you in terms of revenue. After deciding to establish your own agency, think about your agency’s name, find an office in a beautiful location, get your company registered, and start your business like a boss by hiring some dealers.

In our experience of the real estate industry, goodwill and fair talks are very important to become a successful property dealer. Just don’t try to cheat and you will be the success of all others.

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