A guide to market real estate projects on Facebook

With the constant revolution in technology and science; the process of doing business has also changed; revamping by bounds and leaps. The traditional mediums are now being widely replaced with digital mediums. The Internet is now being most frequently used across the world to market products and businesses. Just like all other businesses real estate is also walking on a similar path. Real estate experts are using digital platforms to acquire customers and to market their projects. Facebook is probably the most popular medium to attract customers.

But one question! Why Facebook?

Facebook has over 2.50 billion active users (monthly). Which clearly means 2.50 billion potential customers to attract. Facebook being the 4th most valued brand in the world is very well known all over the world with high domain authority. Facebook has now also become a part of purchasing decisions. The referral model can classically work well on Facebook because the majority is either already on Facebook or the rest are connected to the ones who are. Facebook adds 500,000 new users everyday meaning six new profiles every second (WOAH!) Given that, let’s now talk about ways you can use Facebook to market your real estate projects.

10 Ways to Market Real Estate Projects through Facebook

  1. Page Optimization
  2. Target the Right Audience
  3. Use Pictures and Infographics
  4. Use Stories
  5. Live Streaming
  6. Host Giveaway
  7. Create Events
  8. Share with Others
  9. Use Reviews and Testimonials
  10. Boost your Posts

Move on to the next blog to learn about these 10 ways in details. See ya!

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