Activities to do during quarantine in Pakistan

More than half of the world’s population has gone in quarantine or self-isolation to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and quite frankly I believe that everyone is bored because no one can go outside or in public places so here’s a compiled list of activities that can be done to keep yourself busy and entertained. However, let’s not be thankless for all the things we have in life – utilize this time and spend it with your parents, children, and loved ones for its very rare that we are blessed with a home, people, and food.  

1) Bonding:-

Try to connect or bond with the people you live with. Think of them as your new best friend and try to learn more about them and get closer to them. Who knows what you discover about them or what you can possibly learn from them!

2) Trying new things:-

If you’re tired of doing the same old things you would do every day, ask your friends about what they do. Try to watch new movies, tv series, event try new video games and social media apps, you might even find something you like.

3) Sports:-

In Pakistan, most people own big houses which usually have some garden space so people should utilize that space by either doing some gardening or playing sports like football, cricket, badminton, basketball, etc. Let utilize this time in doing either something productive or healthy – let’s not sit on the couch all day, do something healthy like playing sports or walking!

4) Games:-

For someone who doesn’t like or has never tried video gaming or board games should must give it shot because now everyone has extra time on their hands. Why not enjoy it? Try games like carom, ludo and masterminds!

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