Basic Land Categories – Pakistan

Since real estate investment is pretty rewarding – depending on your knowledge and experience in the industry. While it’s considered the safest form of investment in Pakistan one must be informed about the basic land categories present in the country.

Three basic types of Lands

According to property law in Pakistan, the land is characterized as immobile property and a tangible asset that physically exists. Additionally, In Pakistan, land is divided into three basic categories that have been mentioned below: 

  • State-Owned Land
  • Private Owned Land 
  • Village Common Land 

State-Owned Land

Commonly known as ‘Crown’ land, state-owned land federally or provincially owned by the government and is known as ‘Sarkari Zameen’ locally.

Private-Owned Land

According to the property law in Pakistan, this type of land is separate from state-owned land and is not public property. In actuality, the ownership of private-owned land stays under non-governmental entities. The legal owners of this entity can use the property for any purpose they want to; following zoning laws and regulations.

Village Common Land

As the name suggests, common and is basically shared by collective owners or can also belong to a whole community. If one needs to donate common land in the village, ‘shamilat’ is required.

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