Real Estate Investment Strategies that will always work

Real estate investment is a tricky business but often known as a ‘fruitful’ investment. However investing in real estate requires a lot of experience – safe to say; it’s not a job for an inexperienced. In Pakistan approximately 30% of the people who invested in real estate were either conned, misguided or ended up investing without strategically verifying their investment. Hence the disappointment.

Let’s have a look on some strategies that can save you from mishaps:

Buying rental properties

To start off, the best and reliable strategy is to invest in residential plots for sale in Karachi and Lahore. As stated by Mark Twain, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” Hence proven, buying land is the safest bet while investing in real estate. One can go for all types of rental properties, either homes, apartments, vacation houses, farmhouses, etc. Let’s see how it helps:

Buying and Holding

The second best alternative would be to simply buying a property and wait until an offer comes for a better price. Which is very likely to happen considering the consistent boom in the real estate and the demand of land in the market. There is a large number investors in Pakistan who follow this tactic. Let’s have a look on some pointers:

Another option could be, ‘Renting while holding’. You can easily rent out your property during the waiting period so your property can mint you some money rather than being just a dead investment until sold.

Fixlip – Fixing and Flipping

Another commonly used strategy is fixing and flipping. This is frequently done in Karachi and Lahore. Let’s see how?

Not to forget that any investment in the real estate requires plenty of research. Once the research is widely done all the strategies and tactics by experienced players are implemented. Considering how vast the industry is there are plenty of other strategies that can be implemented too.

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