Plot or Plot File? Better investment in 2020

As stated in the real estate market report of 2015, the estimated worth of the real estate is $700 billion and increasing while contributing 2% to the country’s GDP. Given that, it’s understood that real estate is the future with an extraordinary potential of improving Pakistan’s economy. Along with being a safe opportunity for investment, it is also a great way of earning longer run profits. In Pakistan the popular real estate investment categories are namely;

  • House
  • Flats
  • Commercial Plots
  • Plots

Two famous terms in real estate are ‘Plots’ and ‘Plot files’. People often mistakenly take these terms as synonyms but that’s not true and understanding these two terms is extremely important if you won’t become an investor. These are two separate entities with their own set of characteristics.

Now again, where should one invest?


The plot is often defined as a measured parcel of land. A plot is an immovable space that you can own based on your requirements in terms of size and space. Two common reasons for investing in a plot are:

1) To later construct something; house, building etc.

2) To resell after the prices appreciate

A plot is an ideal form of investment if you’re aiming for a short-term investment plan and an easier one. With fewer regulations and paperwork.

Plot File:

A plot file is often defined as – “an area that is not balloted yet. It may or may not be on the ground. Usually, the possession of plot files is not given out by the builder/developer/authority.”

People normally invest in plot files because they’re usually cheaper. But what people tend to ignore is that these files come with a great chance of fraud and risks. Since these files have no tangible presence, their worth is limited to paper only. A common practice of housing schemes is to sell files in a vast number. A plot file can also easily be defined as a written commitment only. More like an assurance of something to be given in the future against the file purchased. So if you’re looking for a cheaper version of investment – that too in long run – then plot files can be your ultimate option.

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