Lahore – A City That Steals Your Heart

Many words come to mind when thinking about Lahore, as a densely populated city, Lahore is a cultural center, teeming with colorful people and scenery, dotted with numerous locations with cultural and religious importance. To help you plan your trip, here are 11 things to do in Lahore.
Visit Food Street
if you are searching for a place to completely immerse yourself in Lahore’s food culture, then Food Street is essential. The appropriately named Food Street offers up an overwhelming amount of Lahore’s cuisine and houses the famous coocoo’s den.

Visit Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort is probably the most famous historic building in Lahore. A reminder of the Mughal era, Lahore Fort is decorated with masterful craftsmanship and is a delight to explore.
Take a day trip to Joyland

A trip to the most significant Amusement park in Lahore, Joyland, is an important memory in every Lahori’s childhood, and an equally fun place for adults too. The numerous fun and thrilling rides available in Joyland are sure to make your day.
Pray at Badshahi Mosque
Badshahi Mosque’s sheer beauty is undeniable by any architectural standard. A visit to the mosque is certain to be a highlight in your trip to Lahore.

Shop at Packages
As Lahore’s biggest shopping mall, Packages are nothing to be laughed at. Packages offer a variety of brand outlets, houses a gigantic food court, and hosts many limited time events.

Reading at Readings
Readings is the most expansive and diverse bookshop in Lahore, featuring a wide variety of book genres like World Literature, Comics, and Manga, as well as political and philosophical writings. Readings also have a small cafe where one can read any book one desires for free while enjoying a beverage.

Learn at the Lahore Museum
If your history lessons have faded away, the Lahore museum is a fantastic place to regain some knowledge while admiring the exhibits.

Have a picnic at Shalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh is yet another Mughal effort and makes for the perfect picnic spot due to the beautiful scenery one can enjoy here.

Stay at Pearl-Continental Lahore
As a top-class hotel, PC Lahore offers an executive experience. Along with its lodging services, you can enjoy swimming, numerous restaurants, squash, and much more.

Visit The Minar e Pakistan
No building in Lahore is more awe-inducing than the Minar. Made as a monument to celebrate the Pakistan Resolution, Minar e Pakistan represents the country’s struggle for freedom and equality.

Find peace at Data Durbar
The Darbar made to honor Data Ganj Bakhsh is still as cherished as it was when it was built. If you wish to get in touch with your spiritual self, the Data Darbar is more than suitable.

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