Business Ideas with Small Investment in Pakistan

Pakistan is full of surprises and we love it! Surprisingly in this country, one can earn around 5 thousand daily simply with a French fries cart.  With a constantly increasing population and above 70 million middle-class consumers there’s a great potential for new businesses and ideas. All it takes is one big brilliant idea and

Real Estate Terms You Must Know

As basic as the topic may sound, there really is something you need to know. Every industry comes with its very own dictionary and terms that become extremely important to understand in order to (let’s say) survive in that particular industry. Hence to understand the industry better one must be familiar with the basic terms


As a real estate professional, everyone wants to grow their business and marketing plays a major role in the growth of any business. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced realtor, you always have to look towards marketing to attract new clients. 87% of home buyers purchase their homes through real estate agents. So,

Real Estate books you might be interested in

Marcus Tullius Cicero once stated; “A room without books is like a body without a soul”. And we can’t agree more with books are a man’s best friend. Peace.    Today’s era is all about digitalization, technological advancements, gadget bars, and what not. While the internet saves time and is extremely convenient (no debate here)

Plot or Plot File? Better investment in 2020

As stated in the real estate market report of 2015, the estimated worth of the real estate is $700 billion and increasing while contributing 2% to the country’s GDP. Given that, it’s understood that real estate is the future with an extraordinary potential of improving Pakistan’s economy. Along with being a safe opportunity for investment,

Real Estate Investment Strategies that will always work

Real estate investment is a tricky business but often known as a ‘fruitful’ investment. However investing in real estate requires a lot of experience – safe to say; it’s not a job for an inexperienced. In Pakistan approximately 30% of the people who invested in real estate were either conned, misguided or ended up investing