Lahore – A City That Steals Your Heart

Many words come to mind when thinking about Lahore, as a densely populated city, Lahore is a cultural center, teeming with colorful people and scenery, dotted with numerous locations with cultural and religious importance. To help you plan your trip, here are 11 things to do in Lahore.Visit Food Streetif you are searching for a

For those stuck in their homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Wasn’t time out everything some of us wished for? Dreaming of days when we could just have free days, watch Netflix all day, sleep late, cook new meals, and try them out. Not dress up or go out or meet anyone, canceling plans because we felt too lazy to get out of bed? So isn’t


Becoming a Real Estate agent is not as easy as some people think. People enter in real estate from various occupations and fields. Everyone has their own thinking about the right career choice of real estate. But, everyone thinks about this one question: “How do I become a Real Estate agent?” So here is the

How to decorate your bedroom – A pocket-friendly guide!

Relocate furniture Change the setting of the bedroom it’s an important part of decorating the bedroom. Make more space, remove extra furniture. The easiest way to change the look of the bedroom. New curtains Replace your room curtains with new colorful curtains, match it with the theme of your bedroom colors. Small rugs Put a

Activities to do during quarantine in Pakistan

More than half of the world’s population has gone in quarantine or self-isolation to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 epidemic and quite frankly I believe that everyone is bored because no one can go outside or in public places so here’s a compiled list of activities that can be done to keep yourself

CDA – Actions against violation of regulations

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has its guns up! They have very recently action against non-conforming usage of land and properties. All the properties that were being used against their allotment purpose were taken action against. With this connection, the Building Control Directorate, along with few other concerned entities and in collaboration with Islamabad Police and

Real Estate – Trending Factors

Pakistan’s real estate market is always on the radars of investors whether local or overseas Pakistanis. Generally, it is profitable. But have you ever wondered the causes of arises or downfall of the real estate sector? Here are some keys factors that affect the market of Pakistan: * Interest rate * Economy * Affordability of

LDA to launch an app for approval of building plans

LAHORE: The Lahore Developments Authority (LDA) has been taking various measures to bring innovation and development in the present sector. As a result of constant developments, LDA recently developed a mobile application that could be used for swift approval of building and constructing plans. The application is now developed but is soon to be functional.

Basic Land Categories – Pakistan

Since real estate investment is pretty rewarding – depending on your knowledge and experience in the industry. While it’s considered the safest form of investment in Pakistan one must be informed about the basic land categories present in the country. Three basic types of Lands According to property law in Pakistan, the land is characterized