How to avoid 5 common frauds when buying a property in Pakistan

While it’s understood that the ultimate and most profitable investment opportunity in Pakistan is in real estate. Sometimes real estate investments are said to be the safest investment to enjoy humongous profits. Given that, what we cannot ignore is that the market is full of scams and frauds. If you are looking to buy/sell a property in Pakistan or to sell one, it is highly important to know and understand the market value and the market itself. So let’s save you from the frauds that might incur in order to get the best property deals in Pakistan.

Expectations from the real estate market of Pakistan – 2020

Being the leading industry of Pakistan real estate has plenty of expectations and concerns to cater to. The real estate industry is probably the most profitable business not just in Pakistan but also around the world. Are you wondering about how the real estate market of Pakistan is going to be in 2020 then you must first understand what the was property graph in 2019 like? A lot of occurrences in 2019 have drastically affected the real estate market in 2019 – some good, some bad. However, the last year’s progress was comparatively very slow but 2020 is definitely giving some positive indications.

Pakistan’s real estate is investor’s top pick – Here’s why!

Real estate never devalues an extremely popular bookkeeper’s sentence. Real estate is often considered an advantage that never loses its esteem. Real estate never devalues an extremely popular bookkeeper’s sentence. It obviously says that real estate is such an advantage that never loses its esteem. Or maybe it’s a property, estimation of which increments over the era and increments mystically. Regardless of what’s the swelling rate, development rate of the economy, real estate’s esteem dependably increments and returns benefits for the real estate proprietors.

Finding a house in Lahore with efficiency and effectiveness – Smarter ways!

If you’re a person looking to rent out a house in Lahore, you should first pay attention to the significance of this city. Some often name Lahore as the heart of Pakistan. The importance of Lahore is since the beginning of its time. The culture, the heritage, and the vibe! Lahore is the hub of business and trade however the importance is also because of its ultimate hospitality, education, and facilities.

A guide to market real estate projects on Facebook

With the constant revolution in technology and science; the process of doing business has also changed; revamping by bounds and leaps. The traditional mediums are now being widely replaced with digital mediums. The Internet is now being most frequently used across the world to market products and businesses. Just like all other businesses real estate is also walking on a similar path. Real estate experts are using digital platforms to acquire customers and to market their projects. Facebook is probably the most popular medium to attract customers.

Learn how to use 10 Ways to Market on Facebook

Page Optimization Your Facebook page doesn’t just define you, your personality, and your brand but also speaks for you. While ‘first impression is the last’, the first look of the page should be your up-game! Make sure to make your Facebook page look fancy and should flaunt your creativity. Start off by putting up a

Commercial or Residential – A safer bet for investment

Real estate is the safest investment opportunity in Pakistan and around the world has a lot of questions and queries attached to it. People are all up for investing in real estate but the question is where exactly to invest in? What segment is going to be more beneficial and how? The two categories are


Buying property has never been easy in Pakistan. Sometimes, it becomes an uphill task to buy a property in Pakistan, especially when you have never bought any property before. Many people go to the dealers with money in their pockets and end up getting conned. Real Estate is one of the largest sectors of Pakistan

Digitization of Real Estate

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world”  –Franklin D. Roosevelt It’s like everywhere in life wherever you go – real estate agents have to continuously evolve. Moreover,